If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!


"I was treated by Dr Esi recently and had a great experience.  Dr Esi is very flexible, listens to your needs and most importantly for me has gentle hands.  She fixed my overbite and as an adult, I was excited to have straight teeth. She has since taken on my sister and my daughter as patients and they are having a great experience as well. Would definitely recommend her to anyone."

-Bola E. 

"I had a great experience working with Dr. Esi to straighten my teeth. She was always cheerful and easy to talk to. We used invisalign, as I was trying to get my teeth as straight as possible before my wedding. Dr. Esi was so helpful and understanding. She got my treatment started quickly, and then worked with me to take my attachments off for the wedding, then put them back on after so that they were not in any of our photos. My teeth looked great for the wedding, and now that I am finished with my treatment I couldn't be happier with the results."

-Jenilee C.

"Dr. Esi and her staff are nothing short of amazing!  We sought out Dr. Esi services for a second opinion several years ago, after another orthodontist suggested a very complex and long treatment.  Dr. Esi’s recommendation was simpler, shorter, and gave us great results!  She is now treating my third child, and I completely trust her approach, and have recommended her many times to friends and neighbors!  The new office is very convenient, and the online appointments and reminders are invaluable to our busy lives.  Dr. Esi and her assistants are patient, always available, and a complete pleasure to work with!  I wish all the businesses I deal with were this efficient."

-Meredith B.

"Dr. Esi and her staff are so kind and attentive, I actually looked forward to my appointments. They made my orthodontic journey much easier to endure!"

-Shannin D.

"This time last year, I requested Dr. Esi to close my gap at age 40. I'm proud to say a year later my gaps are closed. I get compliments in the work place, among friends and on Vacation (Caribbean) indicating "Jen your smile is Gorgeous and your teeth are so "White". I have a theme song for my teeth - "Shine Bright Like A Diamond". Thanks Dr. Ejiro Esi for providing me a new beginning at 40 which has been a booster to my self esteem. She is definitely a Top "A" Quality Dentist. I Recommend and Recognize her talent.  Monies Well Spent"

-Jenny B. 

"Your office made our process so easy. So organized & modern. Thanks!"

-Mrs. Green

"Dr. Esi exemplifies a positive attitude, honesty and great work ethic!  When I came to her my teeth looked awful but she was very optimistic and assured me that she could correct my teeth.  Needless to say, today my teeth look great and I show them off whenever I get a chance to.  I was so impressed by Dr. Esi that I recommended her to my sister who lives in Pennsylvania.  Needless to say, she is now a patient! I would be remiss if I did not mention that when you enter her practice she and her staff acknowledge you and you're seen within minutes of your arrival.  The office is very clean, bright and welcoming. She is very gentle on your mouth and is available when you call her during and after hours."

-Bernadette D.

"My family and I met Dr. Esi over 5 years ago when my son needed to have orthodontic work on his teeth.  She was so very personable and friendly with us during the explanation of the procedures she wanted to take to help my son.  When my daughter was ready for her orthodontic work, I decided to follow Dr. Esi to her new practice because of her professional knowledge and her kind and gentle nature.  Both of my children have beautiful teeth because of the time and effort Dr. Esi put forth to give my children beautiful teeth and a wonderful smile." 

-Carl P. 

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